Prints of my images are not as expensive as you may think. To give you an example:

Fuji Frontier digital print on Fujicolor Crystal Archive paper, color:
approximate size
price, EUR
21 x 15 cm
8.36" x 5.90" 35.00
28 x 20 cm
11.15" x 7.87" 40.00
36 x 25 cm
14.30" x 9.90" 46.00
Shipping to most countries: € 8.00 for one print
(shipping within the Netherlands is more expensive due to the ridiculous pricing strategy of the Dutch mail company)

Larger and smaller sizes are available on request. The prices here are just an example - they may be subject to change. If you are interested in obtaining a print, or if you have other questions or comments, feel free send me an e-mail message:

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